Saturday Bullet-points

February 14, 2009
  • My day started off around 5:45 this morning. I woke slightly, tried to readjust a pillow, and knocked this computer off the stand it’s been on, so got up to make sure I hadn’t destroyed it. Use the restroom, and realized it was later than I’d’ve gotten up if I was working today.
  • Popped in a Highlander video (yeah, VHS), expecting to watch a quick 10-minute blooper reel, but it was the “Highlander: Behind the Scenes” special, so that was about 45 minutes. A bit of reading, some putzing around, and now I’m definitely up for the day–at least until/unless I take a nap later.
  • Getting ready to get around for the day. Figure head up toward my parents’; get an oil change; get stuff to make some “mexican cornbread,” and hopefully spend much of the afternoon working on a new/addition-to photobook.  Re-sharing the old one with Eric last night has definitely re-inspired me as to the worthwhile-ness of the project; though I doubt it’ll be completed for another couple weeks.
  • I have High School Musical 3 songs stuck in my head. Thursdy night was curious as to when HSM3 would be out on DVD; decided to look it up. Turns out it’s due out this upcoming Tuesday–which is rather cool. Unfortunately, nothing yet that I see regarding any kind of 3-pack. And so I have NO real intention of purchasing this. If there were a $10 single-case trilogy pack (or given the new-ness, even $20) I MIGHT consider it. But I will NOT pay $20 for just one or two of the HSM films.
  • My review of Tales of the TMNT #55 was noticed last week by Dan Berger, the TMNT webmaster over at And the writer of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade linked to my review of #3 as well.
  • Work is definitely getting to me–too often, I find myself thinking in terms of “efficiency.” Whether it’s throwing food into the microwave and THEN putting the rest of the groceries away (so the food can heat as I’m productively putting stuff away, then can eat quickly and get on with evening plans) or scanning/processing/uploading cover images to cX hoping they can be approved lightning-quick while I get the rest of my cover images scanned/processed and uploaded to my webspace for CRBW, or just whatever.
  • I’ve been thinking about switching some webhosting stuff around, and seeing if I can simply point to my reviews site, and let that be my primary site. Unfortunately, to do so would require editing 100+ reviews so I don’t lose the cover images associated with each. Assuming I decide to do that, it’ll probably be another month or two, and begin with playing with uploading to wordpress, and seeing how the files are stored and such. Ideally a consistent path with just the image name itself changing–that would make it relatively simple, provided I can mass-upload.
  • ‘Nuff rambling…I”m out.

Weekend randomness so far

January 24, 2009

It’s amazing how one can waver between a couple choices, and follow both choices out quite a distance from that “catalyst point” very quickly before making a decision. And how other stuff can come into play as a result of that decision that you’d not intended to have be a part of things.

I do not like “doing business” on the phone–I don’t like setting up cable/electric/water/other utilities service, I don’t like having to deal with the credit card company or my bank on the phone…shoot, I don’t even like ordering a pizza on the phone, and would be perfectly happy to go from talk of a pizza to having a bowl of cereal if it meant not having to call the pizza place myself.  (Dealing with stuff in-person or online or via text-messaging, however, I’m perfectly fine.)  That said, so far the few times that I have had to deal with my bank on the phone (usually involving lost/expired ATM cards or arranging for a debit card), they’ve been just about the best for me to deal with, not putting me through a bunch of hoops and automated systems ‘n crap like that. (a couple menus to filter me to the live person who’ll be most helpful upon picking up the line, but that’s ’bout it).

I’ve realized that the Aliens franchise is one of my favorites, particularly when it comes to the books and comics. To me, the concept actually works best in the books and comics….the movies are almost too “limited” in what can be done/shown and the level of story that can be told.

I’ve been watching The Office in the mornings this past week, before going to work myself.  Due to how cold it’s been, anything I’d usually take with me for breakfast-on-the-go would be cold by the time I finish scraping off the windows and get movin’ and such. So I’ve been getting up about a half hour earlier, which allows me time to eat a quick breakfast BEFORE leaving. And since my roommate’s gone before me, I can put the tv on (without worrying about waking anyone). Since there’s not time to watch a full 1-hour show (42ish minutes after commercials have been zipped through) I need something shorter…and The Office is the perfect length, being a 1/2-hour show (about 22 minutes when commercials have been factored out). Plus, I work in an office, so the show is QUITE fitting.

I’m at my parents’ house right now…the cat has finally decided the food I put down for her is “good enough.”  I refilled one of her waterbowls, and she sat and meowed til I refilled her OTHER bowl, which she was happy to drink out of. While I was on the phone with the bank (see above), she came into the room and started yowling at the top o’ her lungs at me.  I pick her up, she wants down. I don’t pick her up, she meows and yowls and cries.  She has also prompted me to say stuff I usually would not expect to hear myself saying. Like after picking her up and her paws feeling damp, stating “your paws had better NOT be wet from walking through pee.”

…and with two phone calls with about 6 minutes, I have plans for next weekend, and the weekend of February 20th.

It’d be nice to be able to put in for a Monday off work…but given what they have me doing lately, I doubt they’d let me off for a Monday. Perhaps a Friday, though. Will have to wait ‘n see.

The Bare Booth

November 5, 2008

…or cube. Or cubicle. Whatever you want to call ’em.

Mine stood bare as I walked out today. If I’d had my camera, and if I’d taken a photo, one could probably make it into a comic-book-style-panel, or even cover. As a cover image for a new issue of a comic The Life of Walt,
one could show the empty/bare thing, and have a caption read “The End..?!?” or “Fired?!?” or some such. Something that would mirror one’s uninformed sudden encountering of this abnormal condition. After all, the thing’s been covered with papers stapled to, pinned to, taped to, clipped to it for 14-some months. Barring an absence, you walk into the place on a weekday the last 14-some months, and you’d look there to see me doin’ my thing.

We’re going through a “reorganization” at work–one that, according to a posted chart, involves me being moved to another “department” (area), likely with all-new tasks and responsibilities/duties. And chances are great that by this typing, the cube/desk that I’ve sat at/worked at all these months no longer even exists. And even if it does, come morning, it’s almost certain it will not by Monday.

In the meanwhile, I glanced at a fifty-cents-apiece bin at the comic shop today. Scored the entire Man Without Fear mini for $2.50. That’s cheaper than the price of virtually any current single issue. Very cool, if you ask me!