March 25, 2009

every couple weeks or so, I find myself reading through the postings of a blog community, Note_to_Cat, on livejournal.  Many of the stories are amusing; some actually make me laugh (how sad is it that most of my actual outright laughter comes from reading about cat-antics?).

Tonight, seeing someone’s user-pic of them holding a rather disgruntled-looking (yet endearing) longhair stirred up a strange anxiety in me.

Too often the last few months, I’ve batted around the serious contemplation of what my life would look like to get a cat. And I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that if I ever (when I) live alone again, I will almost definitely be taking on a feline companion as a roommate.

But the thing is….much as I’ve interacted with other peoples’ cats–Scooter and Tommy at Grandma K.’s back in the day; or Katie’s parents’ cats, or Wally or Kathy/Jerusha/Meredith’s cat, or Mike & Neiva’s Penelope…

Much as I’ve interacted with these other cats, they’re always that: someone else’s cat. They’re *A* cat, but they’re not MY cat.

They’re not Kayla…they’re not Christy.

In the 13 1/2 years we had Christy…in the 17 years we’ve had Kayla…the cats are unique litte creatures with DISTINCT personalities and manners and all that.

13 1/2 years, Kayla & Christy.

So picturing outright caring for and interacting daily with any other cat is rather strange in its own way. And even though there are NO imminent adoption plans on my part…it’s still something that gets thought about.

But the anxiety comes in as–and obviously it’s been quite common–I try to prepare myself for losing Kayla.  I don’t have any information that tells me exactly how long we have left with her–I’m not sure if I’d want that advance knowledge ornot, even. But after the shock of losing Christy six months ago, it’s just become an unfortunate reality that has settled into me more than it ever did before, this fact of knowing that one day far too soon, my cat will be gone.


Tuesday evening

February 3, 2009

Been awhile since I posted.

Might be another while ’til I do again.

or not. we’ll see.


January 7, 2009

Got a message from a friend today–first I’ve heard from her in a lotta months. She really brightened my day quite a bit.

Got a purchase brewin’ that I’m actually sorta excited about for its POTENTIAL; will share on that if it actually happens.

Received an email from Devil’s Due Publishing this afternoon–apparently I’m still on their emailing list from a few yers ago–and it was actually pretty cool. I like their concept of “The Wednesday Society.” After all, that’s what we–comic fans–are. We’re Wednesday people.  Our new comics come out on Wednesdays; it’s a weekly tradition to go to the comic store for that week’s new book(s). Also think it’s rather classy the Prez of the company discussing the issue of creators getting paid–he’s now put this stuff into writing, for whatever it does.  That they’re not just goin’ toes-up and running speaks a lotta good to me (given, of course, that I’m totally third-party not at all involved in the situation itself).


December 3, 2008

everyone seems to assume that because it’s the anniversary of my birth, i should be having a great day.

well, I had to work. I’m fighting a cold. and there’s no one to go out to dinner with, or go see a movie with, or people to just simply hang out with.

what’s so great about it? what’s so fun about it?

Why does it take some “special day” to warrant taking a moment to say hi or pick up the phone or whatever?


same reason traumatic loss–such as death–actually wakes people up to what’s important?

or something.



November 27, 2008

…in no particular order:

  • the cat yowling that–in response to the yowling–you hold (despite her squirming) while you settle in on a couch to watch a movie–and then she just flops down on your lap, purring, and goes to sleep.
  • all the memories I have of Christy and her various kitty-quirks
  • that picnic with Katie one Saturday afternoon in BGSU.
  • that random dinner at the ‘Dial with Alana one evening.
  • planning/meeting Sara for dinner at Panera and winding up going to some chick-flick (which spurs a couple years of shared movie-going hangouts and such)
  • that walk in the freshly-fallen snow with Alli
  • the evening chilling with Drew, drinking shots of chocolate milk–no alcohol, just plain chocolate milk–in the faculty lounge of Chapman.
  • the late nights gaming and watching DBZ and chatting comics with Mike
  • the evening spent chilling at the desk with Mandi and ordering Jimmy John’s when I find out she missed dinner, and the look of surprise on her face
  • the hour-long conversation in the Eastway lounge with Jenny before LIFEgroup nearly four years ago
  • the smile and quiet recognition in her greeting when I first “meet” Sarah
  • walking around the senior center after accidentally walking Lizz out the wrong door to her car
  • wandering a comic store, sharing thoughts on comics, and digging through bargain bins with Earl
  • chatting zombies and comparing notes with Alex
  • a shared interest in/acts of photography and such with Josh
  • spending hours after church talking with a friend
  • the development of the relationship with someone who is both mentor and friend, the serious conversations, the joking, and the emails with Mike
  • seeing a great movie with Kathy on my birthday last year…the only ‘special thing’ I DID for my birthday.
  • shared interests/moviegoing experiences with Christy and Anna and others
  • the random messages from Julie, totally outta the blue, checkin’ up on me
  • the conversations about comics or movies or just life in general, the random late-night IMs/chats with Hillary
  • those rare moments with Eric, the real connection as roommates and friends in the same space
  • the long conversations with Steve, and the shared jokes and understandings of Star Trek and other tv shows and experiences
  • …and so many others.

brain-farts, “systems,” and dreams

November 24, 2008
  • Tried to clock out at lunch…and had one of the worst brain-farts I’ve ever had at work.  The number that I use to clock in/out in the mornings, evenings, and in/out of lunch for the last fourteen months every day totally slipped my mind–took me four tries and asking a co-worker before I jogged my memory and had the right number.
  • Meanwhile, managed to get a good system going for some reports at work; not sure how I’m doing as far as the speed “they” EXPECT me to operate at.  But me knowing me and being new, *I* think I did rather well today.
  • The other night I had at least the fourth instance of a recurring dream: I’m in a school building (a cross between my junior high and high school 2nd floors), and I’m late for a class I forgot I was even registered for…and the mad scramble that entails.  I suspect that the anxiety there speaks quite a bit to my life right now….not knowing where I’m headed, feeling like I’m screwing more stuff up than not, and just feeling overwhelmed…I’m struggling just to “keep up,” I’m “surviving” or “hanging in.”  But not thriving, not coming out on top.
  • Tonight, I’ve started re-watching “Firefly.”  I aim to get through the series AND the movie (Serenity) by end of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Coming up to a sixteen-year anniversary…

November 11, 2008

Next week will mark the SIXTEENTH (16!) anniversary of The Death of Superman.  Since I’ve been making a point of writing a number of comic reviews each week, I figured I’d try an experiment: I’m planning to review each individual chapter of The Death of Superman, providing one-per-day beginning tomorrow, for a week with my review of Superman #75 falling on the 16th anniversary of the issue’s original ship-date.

Since that’s hardly a post of its own, let’s add some content here.

I just finished (last Friday) listening to the 7th Son Trilogy by JC Hutchins.  I have to say, the experience was up there with a great Grisham novel, and easily one of THE most enjoyable books (series, actually) that I’ve listened to.  I’m very much looking forward to the print relese of the books beginning in 2009.

I posted yesterday about Topps announcing the ending of WizKids.

My friend Neiva just had a baby girl. What’s it say about contemporary culture that I found out first through Facebook?

’nuff randomness today. Don’t forget to check Comic Reviews by Walt every Wednesday/Thursday (and sometimes over the weekends) for my new reviews…