January 17, 2009

I am seeing a lot of hypocrisy lately, especially as we head into the extreme twilight of the current President’s administration, racing toward the inaugaration of a new president.

Had McCain won, would we see him guest-starring in The Amazing Spider-Man? Would he be showing up in Youngblood? Would people be talking about how “they” (powers-that-be) should make Inaugaration Day a holiday?

I think that people are looking for “change,” simply for the sake of change. And if the color of a man’s skin does not make a difference…then why is it such a big deal? Isn’t that just VALIDATING the idea that skin-color matters?

And what of faith issues?

I’ll be interested to see what develops in the next few months, particularly relating to the issues of faith, abortion, stem-cell research, and education. And we’ll see how much hypocrisy shows forth.

And I challenge anyone to point out where in the US constitution it guarantees anyone a freedom FROM religion (as opposed to a freedom OF religion).


comics and pricing

January 13, 2009

Sunday while grocery shopping, I happened across Wolverine & the X-Men Magazine, issue 1. Flipped through it, curious…and ultimately bought it.  For only 1.5 times the price of all of Marvel’s mini-series and many of their “regular” books, this magazine contained the contents of 4 comics, plus a Mini-Marvels strip. Wolverine & Kitty Pride: First Class #1; an issue of X-Men: First Class, plus the original Incredible Hulk #s 180 & 181–the story that introduced the world to the Wolverine.

so, two “modern” comics’ contents, two reprints of classic issues, and a mini Marvels strip. NONE of which I’d read previously. So really, one of the greatest values I’ve gotten for buying something “new” at “cover price.”

And it’s got me thinking. I would really, REALLY like to see Marvel AND DC do something like this for brand new material. Give us a magazine with 3-4 issues’ worth of content plus a reprint or two (ideally, relevant in some way or theme to the new materil). And then at the end of a story arc, collect JUST that story into its own volume.  Give me an X-magazine with Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and reprint, say, from Giant-Size X-Men #1 and 1991’s X-Men #1. Two current, one line of reprint stories going WAAAY back, and one line of reprint stories going back to the early 1990s. A second X-magazine could cover Young X-Men, X-Factor, and Cable, with reprints of 1990s’ issues from X-Factor, X-Force, or Cable–heck, do a run of New Mutants from Cable’s first appearance and follow that to X-Force. Alternate months or story arcs.

Another magazine could include Iron Man and Captain America current stuff, while reprinting classic Iron Man and Cap stories (Demon in a Bottle for Iron Man, maybe go back to early Cap & Falcon issues; or late-80s/early-90s Cap stuff). Thor and Incredible Herc could have a magazine, with reprints of classic Avengers stories or solo Thor stuff, and the classic Hercules mini-series or such.  An Avengers magazine could do New and Mighty Avengers plus Initiative, with reprints of classic Avengers.

Or just do all the new stuff by “family.” Give me a $10-$15 volume with all of the month’s X-books (Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, Young X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, as a Shonen Jump style thing (cover’s flimsy paper, interior’s newsprint) (well, at that quality, make the volume $10-$12, max). 6 issues’ content for the price of 3-4. Yeah, someone only wanting to buy one title would have to pay more just to read that title, but someone interested in a couple would get more bang for their buck.  Then when the twice-yearly wrap-up happens, put out a new volume of Astonishing X-Men collecting ONLY “Astonishing X-Men” without the other titles. Someone buying monthly gets more books in one volume for cheaper; those waiting for the trade anyway can still do so.

G.I. Joe #1 from IDW comes out tomorrow. Part of me really wants to buy it. But, I do NOT want to “support” the $3.99 price point, NOR the ridiculous variants. The idea of 3 (or even 2 with a mini-series) ongoing Joe titles is very appealing, and the concept interesting. But at $4/issue when I may not even be able to get the cover I’d want (and the issue itself would be promoting the other variants and the uber-rare retailer-sell-your-left-arm-exclusive variants)…….it’s the principle of the thing.

Maybe if the collected volumes are reasonably priced.

Still, a bummer to have a title of no little interest that I’ve gotta avoid on my own principle.

spring broke? or breaking?

January 12, 2009

I hate shoe-shopping. I’m the kinda guy who will on rare occasions acquire a new pair of shoes. I wear ’em and they hurt my heels and the soles of my feet and I can’t wait to get ’em off for the night. But eventually, they’re broken in and come to be comfortable, and after while I hardly think about ’em. Until the rainy or snowy or whatever–wet–day when I feel that all too familiar squishing as I step and the water soaks my socks and I realize that my shoe(s) now let water in. When it’s time to find new shoes, I find that there are plenty of shoes that ALMOST fit–but usually they’re not quite a good fit. I wear a 10 1/2 wide. Sometimes the store actually has 10 1/2 instead of 9, 9 1/2, 10, 11, 11 1/2 and so on. Far more rare is the 10 1/2 W.

…and there are a lot of other thought points that I really can’t see putting here for all the world to see.

’nuff said.


January 7, 2009

Got a message from a friend today–first I’ve heard from her in a lotta months. She really brightened my day quite a bit.

Got a purchase brewin’ that I’m actually sorta excited about for its POTENTIAL; will share on that if it actually happens.

Received an email from Devil’s Due Publishing this afternoon–apparently I’m still on their emailing list from a few yers ago–and it was actually pretty cool. I like their concept of “The Wednesday Society.” After all, that’s what we–comic fans–are. We’re Wednesday people.  Our new comics come out on Wednesdays; it’s a weekly tradition to go to the comic store for that week’s new book(s). Also think it’s rather classy the Prez of the company discussing the issue of creators getting paid–he’s now put this stuff into writing, for whatever it does.  That they’re not just goin’ toes-up and running speaks a lotta good to me (given, of course, that I’m totally third-party not at all involved in the situation itself).

lack of posts

January 6, 2009

Not much to write about lately that I’ve really felt like puttin’ out there.

however, I think it safe to say that “Greek” is officially one of my favorite tv shows (up there with Highlander, Homicide, Lost, House, and Grey’s Anatomy).

the cat’s toy

December 31, 2008

Tossed a little toy mouse I got for the cat for Christmas–it slid across the floor and startled her at her waterbowl. Turning to look at me with a surprised meow, I explained “yeah…it’s your mouse.” (stupid, sure, but whatever).

Seeing her ignore it, I stepped around, put some stuff in the trash, then reached down and picked up the mouse to move it…and the cat meowed and swatted my hand.  Took me by surprise–didn’t think she was in a playful mood (she rarely is, usually she’s in full-on cuddle-mode or sleep or peeing on the floor). Tossed it across the floor and she chased it, put her chin on it, and proceeded to rub it across the floor herself.

And it seems like one of those “moments.” Just seeing her enjoy this simple little toy.


December 29, 2008

I really need to establish and then maintain a list of back-issues that I’m interested in.

Went to a comic store today for the final day of an “end of the year sale,” in which all back issues were anywhere from 25% to 90% off. Still missing a couple issues of Robin between 112 and 120, but darned if I can remember WHICH couple. Plus, there are–I know–a number of other “runs” with a few holes to be plugged (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 1-80ish, Green Lantern 90s series 1-50ish, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Incredible Hulk 400-465ish, etc and so on).

Wound up getting a couple issues of the “Merdude &” mini from the Archie TMNT line (apparently signed by Dan Berger?), cuz I do want to complete my Archie TMNT collection.

Picked up Kingdom Come #4, completing the singles in my collection.

Nabbed Green Lantern vs. Aliens 1-4, as that’s a story I’ve been interested in for quite awhile (and furthering my quest to read all of the DC vs. Aliens and DC vs. Predator or DC vs. Aliens/Predator stories).

Finally, picked up Astonishing X-Men #3. This was the final issue of the mini-series from late summer/early fall 1999, wrapping up the “The Shattering” story where Xavier disbanded the X-Men, and featuring the “death” of Wolverine.  I’d picked up the first 2 issues as they came out, but this third issue sold out before I was able to get a copy back in ’99, and has eluded me for 8 years or so–I’d held off buying it before, waiting for a sle like this one.

I’d actually forgotten what enjoyment can be found hunting for specific issues.